Mohegan Council

Council shoulder strip in early 2000s


In 2018, Mohegan Council is merging with Nashua Valley Council to its north, forming a single council that stretches across the center of the state, from New Hampshire to Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Coverage Area

At the time of the merger, the areas of the two councils were depicted as:4

New Council Map

Name Changes1

1911   Scout Council
1914   Worcester Council
1929   Worcester Area Council
1956   Mohegan Council

Council Addresses2

Over the years, the Mohegan Council was located at:

1913   Pearl Street (Sawyer Building)
1915   Park Building
1918   YMCA
1919   Slater Building
1931   8 Portland Street
1935   201 Commercial Street
1954   747 Main Street
1963   421 Belmont Street
1968   311 Main Street
1973   75A Grove Street
1980   106 Madison Street
1982   19 Harvard Street


Council shoulder strip in early 2000s

Camp Glen Echo was the council's first camp, opened in 1916.

Treasure Valley initial land purchase in 1926 to replace Camp Glenn Echo. Several additions of land over the years brought the total camp size to 1600 acres. The name changed to Treasure Valley Scout Reservation.


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