Webelos Woods

September 17-29, 2010
Treasure Valley

Webelos Woods, a Council Event, is an outdoor event intended to provide Webelos Scouts with a chance to earn requirements for activity badges and their rank. It also provides Webelos Scouts another opportunity to get to know the troop they might cross over to. During the event, Webelos Scouts stop at each of several stations to work on a specific activity badge.

Troop 54 will not be participating in Webelos Woods this year. We are instead going on a canoeing trip the same weekend. Members who are not participating in the canoeing trip can participate in Webelos Woods (even if just for that Staurday) if they get at least registered one troop leader and one additional adult to go with them. The event organizer would appreciate having such participants run a station at the event.

Council Event Information


  • Permission Slip - Each participating Scout must submit this to the participating leader before the event.
  • CORI - Adults staying overnight must have submitted CORI to the Mohegan Council within the last year. If you need this, please submit it to the Scoutmaster by September 14.


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