Boy Scout Handbook

Each Scout can earn a series of ranks. The requirements for each rank are listed in the Boy Scout handbook. A Boy Scout can work on requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class in any order but can only complete each rank in order.

The ranks, in order:

Scout Badge Scout
Tenderfoot Badge Tenderfoot
Second Class Badge Second Class
First Class Badge First Class
Star Badge Star Resources
Life Badge Life Resources
Eagle Badge Eagle Resources

Requirements for All Ranks

Parent Guide - Lost the Youth Protectin booklet needed for Scout Rank? Use this file.

For each rank, the second to last requirement is a Scoutmaster conference, which is a discussion. The last requirement for each rank (except Scout rank) is a Board of Review. For all but the rank of Eagle Scout, the Board of Review is conducted by at least three members of the troop committee. For the rank of Eagle Scout, the Board of Review is conducted by leaders from the Council and from the troop committee.

Tracking Progress

Mount Orient Backpacking Trip
Troop 54 Scouts serve dinner at the Isaac Davis Camporee (April 2011).

The requirements for each rank should be signed off by a leader in the Troop as they are completed. A Scout's advancement in Troop 54 is tracked in two places:

Scouting App allows a better way for a Scout to see his advancement status as entered in Scoutbook.


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