Isaac Davis Camporee

Sunday, April 17 -
Monday, April 18, 2011
Acton, MA

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As we arrived at the camporee, the weather was clear but so windy that it was hard to keep the tents attached to the ground for the first hour or so. After the wind was replaced by a brief rain, we were treated to a day of really nice weather. The first day of the camporee took place on a large field, with about 1000 Scouts participating. We cooked some good meals during the day.

In the evening, the organizers put on a campfire and program. The campfire had about the tallest flame we have seen - probably in the 20-30 foot range and could be felt to the back of the audience.

The re-enactment that Monday featured a hike of about seven miles on relatively flat and paved terrain. The large column of Scouts was preceded by the re-enactors. What they and numerous other minuteman re-enactment groups were re-enacting was their respective marches toward Concord for the initial confrontation with the British army which marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Isaac Davis, as we learned during the weekend, was the first uniformed soldier to die in the service of the United States of America.

One can study history anywhere, but living so close to the origins of our country really gives us a nice opportunity to get a better feel for the sacrifices the initial citizens of our country willingly made.

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See our actual trail (GPS data recorded by ASM Keith MacNeal):

Trimble Outdoors - map and notes uploaded by Keith MacNeal
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Narrative originally posted on Trimble Outdoors by Keith MacNeal:

Full description of the trail is at the Isaac Davis Camporee and March website

This year's Patriot's Day march avoided a section of woods after the Acton Town Common. There were over 1000 people walking the route and the area was very muddy from the spring rains, so we stuck to the paved road.

Photos by Joshua Froimson.

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