Starting in Fall 2015, Troop 54 is using the Scoutbook web app to manage advancement. The official BSA advancement system is still the Online Advancement system. We will continue to record completed ranks in that system.

Parents and Scouts can also use the even easier Scouting App.

Activate Your Account

One of the unit administrators will add you as a parent or leader; if you are a youth member, your parent has to do this. You will then receive an E. Mail from You need to follow the instructions in the E. Mail to activate your account.

How to Access Scoutbook

Scoutbook is a web app. From a browser on your computer or on your phone, go to This works well on Android phones. On computers, it works better in Chrome than in Internet Explorer.

Administrator Use

The main administrative functions are handled by the Scoutmaster. These include:

Assistant Scoutmaster Use

Selected Assistant Scoutmasters have access to view and update records of the Scouts in the Troop. These include:

Parent / Guardian Use

A parent/guardian has access to:

This is a convenient way to see the requirements for a rank (also in your Scout's handbook).

Parent - How to give access to your Scout

  1. Under My Family, click on your Scout's name.
  2. In the bottom section of your Scout's main page, click Profile.
  3. At the bottom of the Profile page, click the large button at the bottom labeled "Invite to connect."
  4. Enter your Scout's E. Mail.
  5. Click the Invite button.
  6. For further information, see the Scoutbook article on this.


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