Move to ACOOS

Armenian Church of Our Saviour
Armenian Church of Our Saviour

On November 1, 2011, Troop 54 moved from Immaculate Conception Church (ICC) at 353 Grove Street to a temporary home at the Armenian Church of Our Saviour (ACOOS) at 87 Salisbury Street, both in Worcester. The move to ACOOS was made possible by Mark Sivazlian, a member of ACOOS and, at the time, a Troop 54 Committee Member. ACOOS is about 0.9 miles from ICC.

We met in the gym, which is the part of the church facing WPI at 34 Boynton Street.

The Split

Troop 54 left ICC when leaders affiliated with the church (Charles "Chuck" Monahan III and Stephen Sycks) decided to part ways with long-time leaders aligned with Donald Harris and Herb Adams.

Troop 84 and Pack 84

ICC resurrected the number of Troop 84, which had much earlier been associated with ICC. At the time of the split, a majority of the existing youth members of Troop 54 stayed to become Troop 84.

Youth members who left to join Troop 84:

Christian Bacelis
John Bacelis
Nicholas Baldwin
Thaddeus "Teddy" Borowy
Aaron Christo
Dimitri Christo
Elias Christo
Noah Christo
Christian Jerome
Kish Jerome
Jonathan Mitchell
Eric Monahan
Peter Monahan
Ethan Raddi
Adam Riveli
Nicholas Sargent
Harrison Sycks

Leaders who left to join Troop 84:

Charles Monahan III
James Christo
Sergio Bacelis Sr.
Jon Jerome
Joseph Mitchell
Louis Raddi
Stephen Sycks

Youth members who stayed with Troop 54:

Jonathan P. Dumeng
Patrick L. Eberhard
Kevin A. Froimson
Timothy D. Froimson
William H Hansen
Abdallah O. Issa
Bowen T. Keevan
Matheus "Matthew" Machado
Brett A. Most
Michael D. Russo
Peter K. Servatius
Dylan E. Smock

Leaders who stayed with Troop 54:

Donald W. Harris (CC)
Joshua C. Froimson (SM)
Herbert H. Adams (CM)
Paul J. Brown (CM)
Russell S. Mattson (CM)
David P. Russo (CM)
Robert W. Shaw Jr. (CM)
Mark S. Sivazlian (CM)
Gerard J. Eberhard (ASM)
Peter H. Hansen (ASM)
Brian J. Keevan (ASM)
Keith A. MacNeal (ASM)
Patrick J. Russo (ASM)

The unit that had been Pack 54 before this split changed its number to become Pack 84. At the time, its Cubmaster was Kenneth Borowy.

ACOOS Tie Continues

2001 was the first year that Troop 54 baked pies at ACOOS. This continued our tradition of doing this for shelters just before Thanksgiving. We have maintained that tie with ACOOS as they graciously have continued to allow us to bake pies in their kitchen.


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