Midstate Trail

The Midstate Trail runs North/South from New Hampshire, across Central Massachusetts, to Rhode Island. The trail is well-marked with triangular yellow blazes, many on printed plastic tags.


Midstate Trail Marker

The Midstate Trail website

Get the book, "Massachusetts Midstate Trail Guidebook".

Maps and GPX Files

The following are from some of our hikes:

Segment Description Map GPX File
Camp Winnekeag to Muddy Pond MappingSupport GPX file
Redemption Rock to Crow Hill MappingSupport GPX file
Fay Mountain Orchard to Oxford - Midstate no longer goes directly to Hodges Village Dam MappingSupport GPX file
Douglas State Forest - maps of Midstate Trail and some of the other trails in this forest Google My Maps GPX file

To download a GPX file, right click on it and select "Save target as".

Troop 54 Trips on the Midstate Trail

Hodges Village Dam Backpacking Trip - June 2015
Barre Falls Backpacking Trip - November 2014 - South to Treasure Valley SR
Muddy Pond Backpacking Trip - November 2013 - South to Muddy Pond
North South Trail Backpacking Trip - November 2012 - North into Douglas SF
Backpacking Trip - June 2010 - South to Muddy Pond
Douglas State Forest Backpacking Trip - August 2009
Backpacking Trip - June 2009 - North into Treasure Valley SR
Leominster State Forest Backpacking Trip - August 2008 - Redemption Rock into Leominster State Forest
Camp Split Rock Backpacking Trip - June 2008
Mt. Wachusett Backpacking Trip - April 2008
Midstate Trail Backpacking Trip - March 2008 - South into Treasure Valley SR


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