Backpacking Trip


Saturday, June 6 -
Sunday, June 7, 2009
Spencer and Rutland, MA

On Saturday, we will hike North on a section of the Midstate Trail (a section we have not hiked before), starting in Spencer at Paxton Road (trail mile 53.64 S). After approximately 5 miles, we will camp at a Leave No Trace site at Treasure Valley West Camp.

Permission Slip


8:00 AM SAT - Meet at Immaculate Conception Church
3:00 PM SUN - Estimated return time.

Late arrivals:

Hike in late on Saturday and hike out with the group on Sunday, or
Drive to West Camp parking area Saturday. Hike out and get a ride back to their cars on Sunday.

Directions to the trailhead:

Drive Rt31 S
Left onto South Street (just before Morre State Park)
Right onto Marshall St at end of South Street
Becomes Thompson Pond Road
Left onto Paxton Road
Trailhead is on right

Note: Someone will have to drive to Magee Center to check in before starting the hike.

Packing List - Check our list to ensure that you have everything you need.

Every Ounce Counts!


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