West Point Camporee

Scoutmasters Council

Friday, April 29 -
Sunday, May 1, 2016
United States Military Academy
West Point, NY

Event Description:

This year, Troop 54 is participating in the 54th Annual West Point Invitational Scout Camporee for our first time. Participating units were selected by lottery. Based on estimates provided by the units, the organizers estimate that there will be 6500 participants at the event.

Because the first day of the event is a Friday and a school day for Worcester Public Schools, we suggest notifying your school about this planned absence as early as possible. This should allow the school to provide make-up work in advance.

We are signed up as a "mechanized" unit, which means that we are allowed to drive one vehicle (with the trailer) to the camp site. The remainder of our unit, including our Scouts, will take buses part way and then hike the 3 miles from Bull Hill to our camp site.

The Troop will provide all meals from dinner on Friday to lunch on Sunday (likely at at a rest area on the way back). Participants should pack a lunch for Friday (one that does not require cooking) and any snacks or drink mixes they want to have during the trip.

Event Details:

From the organizers;

Draft Event Schedule
Troop Packet 1
Troop Packet 2
Troop Packet 3


  • Permission Slip - Each participating Scout must submit this to the Scoutmaster by March 29.
  • BSA Consent Form - Each participating Scout must submit this to the Scoutmaster April 12.
  • West Point Waiver - Each participant (youth and adult) must submit this to the Scoutmaster April 12.
  • Cost - Note the early registration deadline!
      Scouts and Leaders - $50 (includes food). Pay at least $30 by January 26. Pay the remainder by March 29.
  • Annual Health and Medical Record - Each participant must have submitted this record within the previous year and no later than March 29. This trip requires only Parts A and B (pages 2 and 3), including copy of insurance card (both sides). A medical exam is not required.
  • CORI - Adults staying overnight must have submitted a CORI to the Mohegan Council within the last year. If you need this, please submit it to the Scoutmaster by March 29.
  • Youth Protection Training - Adults staying overnight must have completed BSA Youth Protection Training within the prior two years. If you need this, submit your training certificate to the Scoutmaster by March 29.
  • Vehicle Information - If your vehicle information has not been included on a previous tour permit, please provide this to the Scoutmaster by March 29.

What to Pack:

Use our Backwoods Camping List as a check for items to bring; just cross out items that don't apply. New Scouts should seek advice from experienced Scouts and from leaders on what to buy and what to bring.

Travel There:

There are some specific requirements for this trip's travel:

  • Meet at the Epworth United Methodist Church parking lot at 7:30 AM Friday.
  • The vehicle pulling our trailer has to go to Bull Pond Road. Travel there is about 3 hours.
  • Our other two vehicles have to travel instead to Anthony Wayne Recreation Area.
  • The only way to get to the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area is via the Pallisades Parkway, which does not permit trailers, so we have to have all of our passegers in the other two cars before we get to the camporee area. Following the routes linked above, this means transferring any passemgers before leaving Storm King State Park.
  • We are limited in how many vehicles we can bring, and we can't leave vehicles in the church parking lot all weekend, so participants need to arrange transportation to and from the church.
  • For additional detail, see the camporee map.
  • Estimated return to the church is 3:00 PM Sunday.


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