Myles Standish SF Backpacking Trip

Saturday, November 21 -
Sunday, November 22, 2015
Myles Standish State Forest
South Carver, MA

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Troop 54 had planned to hike a section of the Plymouth Wishbone Walking Trail, starting near that at Camp Wind in the Pines, a Girl Scout camp, and ending at Camp Squanto, a Boy Scout camp. As it happened, we never found that trail and instead followed a series of cart trails in Myles Standish State Forest (MSSF). We had two Scouts, two leaders and one parent participating on this trip.

At about 23,000 acres, MSSF is a huge forest, including its own camping areas and another Scout camp. Those cart trails we hiked were all named as roads and marked with street signs (but placed high enough apparently to stay out of the way of park vandals).

Our hike in was about 5 miles, and our hike out was about 4.6 miles. See our actual trail, as recorded by Joshua Froimson:

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We camped in the Blackfoot site. While at Camp Squanto, we toured the camp, visiting areas such as the Cassonia Scouting Museum, dining hall, trading post, amphitheater, waterfront and shotgun range. The recently re-built dining hall was impressive, and the museum had a pretty extensive collection of Scouting artifacts, including lots of patches and uniforms.

Several other Scout units were in camp at the same time, so the place had a lively feel about it. Camp Squanto packs its facilities more tightly together, which also contributed to that feel.

In camp, we worked on Firem'n Chit and did have a nice camp fire going until we turned in. The camp cooking included light weight meals with apple cobbler and brownies for dessert.

The weather was perfect while we were on the trail the first day - just a bit cool, bright and not a cloud in the sky. Once the sun went down, it got cold enough to turn our water into slush. On the way back, we collected two bags of trash from along the trail.

This was the troop's eighty-third consecutive month with at least one overnight camping trip.

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