Camp Cachalot Camping Trip

Saturday, March 16 -
Sunday, March 17, 2013
Camp Cachalot
Plymouth, MA

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Making a late change from our original backpacking plan as a result of recent heavy snow and rain (in Worcester), Troop 54 tent camped at Camp Cachalot in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This was our first time at the camp, and we found it, thanks to the campmaster, to be friendly and welcoming. Having a frost-free valve close to our camp site, White Pine Grove, also helped.

The campmaster told us that there were about 90 Scouts in camp for the weekend. The unit next to ours was from Milbury.

We had four Boy Scouts and two leaders participating.

As it turned out, the ground in Plymouth was bone dry. The air was crisp but not overly cold.

During the day on Saturday, we drove into Plymouth to hike the 10 mile Pilgrim Trail, which connected various historic spots. Among the historic sites were the Plymouth Rock, the impressive National Monument to the Forefathers (formerly known as the Pilgrim Monument) and the picturesque Jenny Grist Mill. A replica of the Mayflower was on the trail, but the ship was away for repairs.

The Scouts cooked both dinner and breakfast in a Dutch oven. Scout Peter Servatius demonstrated two perfectly constructed one match fires. We re-learned not to chop the onion in advance, unless you want your car to be onion scented for the next week.

The troop retired two flags during the campout.

This was the troop's fifty-first consecutive month with at least one overnight camping trip.

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