Backpacking Brushy Mountain

Saturday, November 6 -
Sunday, November 7, 2010
Leverret, MA

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Troop 54 traveled to Leverett, Massachusetts to backpack our second section of the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail (actually now a separate trail), this time working our way South. With twelve youth (eleven Scouts) and six adults (five leaders), we had a good-sized contingent on the trail.

We covered 4.8 miles on Saturday, finding the trail fairly easy. It was only mildly hilly and had a few wet areas to get past, due to ATV damage. The Mosher shelter, where we made camp, was several minutes off the main trail and away from the nearest stream. As it was on a steep slope, our tents were even further away on a ridge. While there, we cleared a tree that had fallen onto the shelter and moved already cut wood to open some space in its area.

We hiked 5.2 miles on Sunday, staying on the trail that day to cover the remaining bit of the M-M to where we started last year. This took us by the Leverett Co-op. View our actual trail (GPS data recorded by COR Keith MacNeal):

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The clear weather, which barely got to freezing overnight helped to make this a pleasant time on the trail. The private landowner, Cowles Land and Lumber Company, has kept this area of forest fairly pristine. At least one Scout thought the trip went by quickly and wished we had a few more nights to spend there.

Narrative originally posted on Trimble Outdoors by Keith MacNeal:


Hiked in from M-M cars waypoint. No designated parking area here, we just parked along the road.with no issue. As online trailguide indicates, white blazes have been painted over with brown. Trail is still easy to follow. Terrain is easy to manage with no steep ascents. Took side trail near southern end of section to Mosher Shelter. First section of this trail is marked with Orange blazes that switched to blue at one point. On Day 2 we hiked back the way we came except we followed the trail and looped around the Leverett Co-Op back to the cars.

Photos by: Joshua Froimson

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