Midstate Trail

Douglas State Forest Backpacking Trip
August 22 - 23, 2009
Douglas, MA

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Six Scouts and three leaders participated in backpacking our sixth segment of the Midstate Trail. We camped near its southern end. We then took a day hike to the Rhode Island border on the Midstate and hiked a bit further to the point where Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts meet.

Although we camped at a shelter (the only place camping is allowed in this forest), we pitched tents and left the shelter to a family who also backpacked to this location. The Scouts and kids from the family combined to play card games and a a night time game of "manhunt".

On the way back, we took a side trip on the Coffeehouse Loop to Wallum Lake, where Scouts swam and leaders played horse shoes.

There were lots of huckleberries on the trail, especially near Rohde Island - we ate lots of those. There were even a few blueberries. Right on the trail, we saw an interesting variety of mushrooms and lots of frogs and toads.

Here are some of the mushrooms:

ASM Mitchell tracked our trail on his GPS. After the trip, ASM MacNeal used the download for this to generate a map of our path in TOPO.

Photos by: Joshua Froimson.

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