Backpacking Trip

Midstate Trail

Saturday, August 22 -
Sunday, August 23, 2009
Sutton and Douglas, MA

On Saturday, we will hike North on a section of the Midstate Trail (a section we have not hiked before), starting at Highway 16 in Sutton. After hiking approximately 5 miles, we will camp near a shelter in Douglas State Forest.

Permission Slip


8:00 AM SAT - Meet at Immaculate Conception Church
3:00 PM SUN - Estimated return time.

Late arrivals:

Hike in late on Saturday and hike out with the group on Sunday (requires advance discussion with Scoutmaster).

Directions to the trailhead:

Route 395 South
Exit 2 for Route 16
Turn left to head East on Route 16
Follow approximately 4.3 miles to trailhead on right (the site is signed on the road as 'trail parking').

Packing List - Check our list to ensure that you have everything you need. See our page on packing for other lists.

The planning meeting for this will be at the church at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, August 19. We will work out what we will eat, who will buy the food, and what gear will be brought.

Every Ounce Counts! Don't bring more than you need to.

All vehicles and drivers need to be included on our tour permit. For any driver or vehicle not previously listed on a tour permit, provide information on these to the Scoutmaster using our Tour Permit Information form. Adults staying overnight must have a current CORI on file with the Mohegan Council. This information is needed by August 18.

Planning status:

Tour permit - Done
Permission from Park Supervisor - Done
Camp fire permit - Not required


Don't disturb old homesteads or rock walls.
Don't camp in a homestead or near an old well.
Parking notice - Call Douglas PD in advance.


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