H. A. Moses Camping Trip
March 21 - 22, 2009
Russell, MA

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Thirteen Scouts and six parents and leaders participated in our first trip to H. A. Moses Scout Reservation. Most of us slept in the rustic cabin, but a couple of us slept outdoors. On the first day, we cooked lunch and dinner, took a hike through parts of the reservation and worked on Totin' Chip (ax and saw)and Fireman Chit (fire starting and safety). After cooking dinner, the younger Scouts worked on knots and lashings while the older Scouts worked on personal management merit badge. The younger Scouts wrote a skit, which they then performed for the rest of us. Finally, almost everyone joined in the fun for video games and card games.

In the morning, we went on another hike and had lunch on the trail before heading back to Worcester.

Photos by: Peter Hansen and Joshua Froimson.

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