Boy Scouts Program

New Hampshire Jamboree
Troop 54 Scouts participate in a knot tying activity at the New Hampshire Jamboree (October 2011).

Almost everyone has seen Boy Scouts in action at some point, possibly marching in a local parade or helping to run a community event. For over a century, the Boy Scouts of America has been developing and enhancing its progams into an unmatched resource for our youth.

Boy Scouts is a youth program with the mission of developing boys into honorable men through fun activities in a safe environment.

The aims of the Scouting program are to promote character development, citizenship training and mental and physical fitness.

Advancement through a series of ranks provides a series of surmountable obstacles to aid in building self-confidence. Each boy is encouraged to attain the highest rank, Eagle Scout.

Merit badges provide Scouts with the opportunity to learn about potential careers and to try all sorts of hobbies and skills. Some specific merit badges are required to earn the ranks, while others can be selected from over 120 available topics.

The troop holds its weekly meetings every month except July. In these meetings, the boys prepare for upcoming outdoor events and work on advancement.

We go on at least one overnight camping trip each month, throughout the year. About four of these are backpacking trips which provide each boy with the adventure of living off what he carries. One trip is Boy Scout Summer Camp. Other outdoor events teach and promote Scouting skills. Typically, all but one of these overnights is spent in tents, the other being in a cabin.

Our leaders employ the eight methods of Scouting:

  1. The ideals
  2. The patrol method
  3. The outdoors
  4. Advancement
  5. Association with adults
  6. Personal growth
  7. Leadership development
  8. The uniform


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