Beaver Day

Saturday, May 18, 2013
Treasure Valley

Event Info

Troop 54 participated in Beaver Day again this year, helping to ready Treasure Valley for summer camp. Five of our Scouts and two of our leaders went out to the camp for about six hours of hard work. Our particpants worked alongside members of the Order of the Arrow and other units.

The task of the day was setting up Scout tents. Troop 54 was the first group to get to work. In the early part of the day, there were lots of volunteers, but after lunch, Troop 54 was the only group still working. Overall, the Beaver Day set up all of the Scout tents in 10 of the 11 camp sites. Troop 54 alone completed the last two sites.

This was the first time to Treasure Valley for one of our participants, and everyone gots lots of practice with knots and teamwork.

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