Move to UUC

UUC Worcester
Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester (2011).

Chartered Organization Moves

In 1955, the First Universalist Church, then the name of the troop's chartered organization, moved from 66 Pleasant Street to 90 Holden Street, both in Worcester. The church was renamed The Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester in 1968.

Loss of the Troop's History

In preparation for the move, troop leaders packed up the troop's materials and organized them into two piles: "stuff to keep" and "stuff to throw away". For reasons that will never be known, someone at the church discarded the "stuff to keep pile", moved the other pile outside and then called a leader to to come pick up the troop stuff. In that incident, the Troop lost all of its historical records to that point.

Quest for Information

In a valiant effort to restore some of that history, in 1977, Donald Harris and David Harris made trips out to Treasure Valley Scout Reservation to go through the archived files of the Mohegan Council, digging up what they could of our dates, addresses, member names and Eagle Scout names.


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