Fuel Type

The type of fuel a stove burns determines some of the stove's key characteristics. The choices include:

Specific Stoves

There are numerous backpacking stoves out there. A few that Troop 54 scouts are likely to encounter.

MSR Pocket Rocket

MSR Pocket Rocket:

The Pocket Rocket runs on non-refillable propane / isobutane cartridges. The troop has three of these that can be checked out by patrols. Some members of the troop own this stove as well. Key advantages:

Key disadvantages:

MSR Whisperlite

MSR Whisperlite:

The Whisperlite runs on white gas. Some members of the troop own this stove. Key advantages:

Key disadvantages:

Ethanol Jet Stove

Ethanol Stove:

Many home-made ethanol stoves have been fabricated in the troop, with ASM Brian Keevan leading the effort. The ethanol jet stove, made mostly from pieces of aluminum soda can, is the highest performance of these. Key advantages:

Key disadvantages:

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