Scout Camps Closed

A number of Scout camps have closed over the years. The following are some of the more recent closures in the area of our Outings Guide (New England and New York).

Camp Boyhaven emblem

Camp Boyhaven

Camp Boyhaven in Milton, New York, was a 300 acre Scout Camp owned by the Twin Rivers Council. It was closed and sold to the town of Milton, New York, in July 2017. The camp's address was 3430 Boyhaven Road, Middle Grove, New York.

5/2/17 article
7/14/17 article)

Camp Cochegan Rock

Camp Cochegan Rock was a 100 acre Scout camp in Plymouth, Connecticut. It was sold by the Connecticut Rivers Council to the Mohegan tribe in 2006.

Camp Dewart

Camp Dewart was a 15 acre Scout camp on Martha's Vinyard. It was owned by the Cape Cod & Islands Council.

Camp Massasoit

Camp Massasoit was a 250 acre camp in Plymouht, MA owned by the Boston Minuteman Council. It appears to have been closed prior to that council's merger with Yankee Clipper Council to form the Spirit of Adventure Council. The camp's location was 4 Elbow Pond Rd, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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Camp Portaferry patch

Camp Nahaco

Camp Nahaco was a 120 acre Scout camp in Woodstock, Connecticut, owned by the Connecticut Rivers Council. Its entrance was at 305 Crystal Pond Rd, Woodstock, CT. It was sold to the towns of Woodstock and Eastford in 2003. It currently serves as a park for those towns.

Camp Onway

Camp Onway was a 110 acre Sout camp in Raymond, NH owned by the Yankee Clipper Council. It was sold in 2007 to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The camp's address was 30 Onway Lake Rd, Raymond, New Hampshire.

2/27/07 article

Camp Portaferry

Camp Portaferry was a 400 acre Scout camp owned by the Longhouse Council in towns of Pitcairn and Fern, NY. Its address was 1681 State Highway 3, Harrisville, NY . It was sold in June 2011 to developer Land First.

6/13/11 article

Camp Quinapoxet

Camp Onway patch

Camp Quinapoxet was a 180 acre Scout camp in New Hampshire, owned by the Cambridge Council. It was sold to the Mass Audubon Society in 2003 and now serves as their Wildwood Camp. Its entrance was probably located at about coordinates 42.766819, -71.969105 which corresponds to the address 497 Old New Ipswich Rd, Rindge, NH.

Camp Russell

Camp Russell, aka Russell Scout Reservation, was a 425 acre camp in Woodgate, New York, owned by Leatherstocking Council. It was closed in 2015 and sold in 2016 (9/13/16 article). Its address was Route 28, Woodgate, NY (on Fourth Lake).

Cedarlands Scout Reservation

Camp Cedarlands was a 4,300 plus acre Scout Camp in Long Loake, New York owned by the Revolutionary Trails Council. It had been acquired by the Scouts in 1963. It had two lakes and three mountains and was primarily forested wilderness with a 350-acre base camp and 10 primitive campsites. The camp's address was Kickerville Road, Long Lake, New York.

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Chesterfield Scout Reservation

Our page on this camp.

Hemingway Base

Hemenway Base was a 600 acre Scout camp in Tanworth, New Hanmpshire, owned by the Knox Trail Council. It was located in the Hemenway State Forest.

Kurson Training Center

Kurson Training Center was a 55 acre Scout Camp in Standards, New York, owned by the Allegheny Highlands Council

Camp Tadma emblem

Mark Greer Scout Reservation

Mark Greer Scout Reservation was a 340 acre Scout camp in Bozrah, Connecticut owned by the Connecticut Rivers Council. Its Boy Scout summer camp was called Camp Tadma. The camp was sold to Revelation Church in 2015. The camp's address was 154 Bishop Rd, Bozrah, CT.

Woodworth Lake Scout Reservation

Woodworth Lake Scout Reservation was a 1,500 acre Scout camp in the towns of Bleeker and Johnstown, New York, owned by the Twin Rivers Council. At the time it was sold in 2013 to a home developer, its size was stated as 1,119 acres. The camp was last used for summer camp in 1992.


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