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From the desk of the Scout Executive

September is in the books, and it was a good one for the Mohegan Council. We grew. Tiger Cubs are up 6.0%, Cub Scouting +2.6%, total traditional membership by 2.3% and overall (including our learning for life programs) we are up 1.3% in membership. More youth and more families being impacted by the Scout program, won’t that make for a better community? Special recognition to the leaders of Pack 134 in Douglas and Pack 150 at St Patrick’s Catholic Church who recruited 27 and 26 youth respectively this past month. We have many packs that are still scheduling their joining nights and many that have yet to report or turn in their results. The team here at the service center is ready to help where needed, give us a call.

As you finish up recruitment this month it will be time to focus on recharter. Trainings will be held at each roundtable, and the recharter guidebook will be put on our website. Once you received your packet and internet code you’ll be set to go. I asked the national office to turn on our system early so you don’t have to wait till November 1st to get started, you can start today.

Over the weekend at the Order of the Arrow Fellowship Pat Grady of Troop 158 was elected as the Chief of our Pachachaug Lodge. He and the new youth officers will begin their terms after the Lodge banquet in November.

Finally, this last week the Boy Scouts and our council were highlighted in the Telegram and Gazette. There has been a lot of discussion in and out of Scouting about our National Council’s reaffirmation of the membership standards. Agree or disagree with this recent decision I know we can all agree that the Scouting program is essential for our kids.

Have a great October, hope to see many of you at THE EVENT next weekend.



October 12-14, 2012

This is a council-wide 3-day event involving Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Ventures and Explorers as well as families, Scouting enthusiasts and community guests.

HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET? information flyer









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Don’t Miss the Annual “Turkey Shoot”

The Mohegan Council "Turkey Shoot" is a shooting contest where frozen turkeys are awarded as prizes. This event is run by BSA trained and certified shooting sports instructors and volunteers. The first 100 Boy Scouts and Venture’s will compete in Archery, Rifle, and Shot Gun, while the first 100 Webelos will compete with Archery, Pellet Rifles, and Sling Shots. The frozen turkey winners are chosen by the 3 highest target scores of each shooting sports. An overall trophy will be awarded to the top scoring Troop/Venture Crew. Winning the trophy automatically registers your unit for the following years Turkey Shoot so you can defend the trophy. The 2011 over all Turkey Shoot winner was Venture Crew 2083. So sign up to compete for Turkeys and try and win the Turkey Shoot Trophy.

Information for the event is found on our website at:

Registration for the event began Wednesday, October 3, 2012 and is limited to the first 100 Boy and Venture Scouts and the first 100 Webelos Scouts.


Scouts Earn Religious Emblems

Brian Beck, Pack 165 den leader and Assistant Pack Leader organized and helped to lead Emblem of Faith work for 7 scouts in the Mohegan Council.  He was assisted by Reverend Robert Fenby of Auburn, MA, and our church’s pastor, Rev. Katie Keene (Bethel Lutheran Church in Auburn, MA).   This was the first award earned by these boys.

The scouts who earned the God and Family emblem were: Zachary Lazerick (Auburn), Andrew Jensen (Sturbridge), and Brian Belmonte (Charlton).  The Reverend and Mrs. Fenby (Zachary’s grandparents) led this group.

The scouts who earned the God and Me emblem were: Cutter Beck (Charlton), Cameron Bodamer (Charlton), Joshua Woods (Charlton), and Erik Jensen (Sturbridge).  Brian Beck led this group. 

Reverend Keene presented the boys with their emblems on June 3, 2012 at Bethel Lutheran Church.  Parents, den leaders, and others are very proud, and blessed, to have such a strong showing for their first emblems.  The scouts presented a mentor pin to their parents, and councilor pins to their group leaders



School Night for Scouting

By now the many packs are off to a great start with having new families join, new leaders recruited and dens reorganized. Many new boys have begun their Scouting journey this fall. Thank you for continuing to ensure all youth in your community have the opportunity to join Scouting.

A few items, as you continue to grow your unit this fall.

• Additional Joining Night - If for some reason your pack's school night was not as successful as you would have hoped it to be, you are more than welcome and encouraged to hold another joining night. Each unit will have different circumstances so, for example, this may be a community-wide effort for multiple packs or just focused on a certain grade level in your own pack. Please work with your Unit Serving Scout Executive so they may help with your recruitment efforts and ensure you are receiving as many resources as we have to offer to maximize your efforts.

• Support New Leaders - Once you have new leaders recruited into their role, help them become oriented to the Scouting world. Have them fill out an adult application and take Youth Protection Training online as soon as possible. Register leaders promptly, so they may receive additional information for their role from Crossroads of America council. All of the Cub Scout Training can be taken online at through MyScouting. Refer new leaders to our council training calendar for classroom setting training. Ensure they get connected to resources you may have in your unit as well as throughout the Scouting community, like attending your district monthly Roundtable. Reminder, all Cub Scout den meeting plans can also be found online. 

• Pursue Additional Recruitment Opportunities - Many families are unaware they can join Scouts at any point during the year. All units are encouraged to expand recruiting efforts, making it a year-round habit. Many of the methods have multiple benefits to Scouting, including promoting all the good work that Scouting does in our community as well as inviting new boys to join. Numerous materials are available through your local Scout service center. Resources can be found online at the .

Thank you for all you do for Scouting!




Troop 54 Timothy D. Froimson Earns Eagle Scout

Timothy D. Froimson, 18, of Troop 54 in Worcester, has earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

His last youth leadership position was to serve as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader in Troop 54, which is sponsored by Epworth United Methodist Church, 64 Salisbury St. He is a member of Order of the Arrow Lodge 525, serving as its Camping Promotions Committee chairman.

During his six years as a youth member in Boy Scouts, he participated in more than 135 nights of camping.

For his service project, Timothy led members of the troop in fabricating a toy box and portable steps for the playground at Burncoat Family Center, a residential and day treatment program for children with serious emotional issues, also in Worcester.

He attends high school at Robert H. Goddard Academy in West Boylston, where he founded and served as president of the school's chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions read more

30th Annual Golf Outing for Scouting Big Success

Our thanks to our many golfers, sponsors, and volunteers that produced a very successful 30th golf outing for Scouting that took place on Monday, September 17th at Sterling National Country Club.


For more about this event by Tim Kane, please click here.

For photo slideshow compliments of Jennifer Robert:


Good Deeds Recognized

Recently Tom and Sue Barry coordinated and taught several portions of the OWL/BALOO training at TVSR. 

Tom sent this note:

We had a very enthusiastic group of 16 leaders who made our day enjoyable and go by quickly.  The purpose of my message, however, is to let you know about the "good turn" done by two Scouts that day. 

One of our OWL/BALOO instructors was unable to make it to the training at the last minute.  I thought I would have to scramble and conduct his portion, so I went to the Magee Center to make photocopies of several handouts.  While there, I casually discussed the situation with Campmaster Scott Despres.  The Order of the Arrow was also present at TVSR that weekend and a few of the Scouts were at Magee at the same time.  When they overheard my dilemma, two of the boys offered to come over to West Lodge and do that portion of the training for the Webelos leaders.

Scouts Zach Palmer and Corey McIntyre did a terrific job and impressed everyone with their maturity, Scout knowledge and positive attitudes.  After training the Webelos and Arrow of Light leaders in the Naturalist and Forester activity badges, they even stayed after lunch to train the Scoutmasters in plant and animal identification. 

One of the many things I love about Scouting is that, when you ask for help, someone will always step up to lend a hand.  In this instance, I didn't even have to ask.  Zach and Corey heard about a need and eagerly jumped in to fill it.  

I am not sure to which units these boys belong, but wanted to pass this along to you to commend them and let you know that the Spirit of Scouting is certainly alive and well here in the Mohegan Council.  Experiences such as this strengthen my belief in the value of Scouting and reaffirm my commitment to remaining an active adult participant.


Thomas Barry

Activities Coordinator

Hassanamisco District


Is Scouting Safe?

Recent news reports about child abuse instances 30-40 years ago in Scouting have raised questions in our community.  These news reports are also a strong reminder that those of us in Scouting have a high degree of responsibility to be vigilant in protecting the children placed in our care. 

Statistically, Scouting has always provided one of the safest environments anywhere for children. This does not mean we have been or are perfect.

The Scouting movement has learned a great deal about child abuse over the last 30 years. As a continual learning movement, we have used what we learned to improve our training and procedures. Clearly we are less likely to err today than we were 30 years ago.  

Today, Scouting's youth protection policies are generally regarded as best practices. The resources the BSA has developed in this area can be a tremendous asset to our chartered partners. They are resources our partners typically would not be able to access outside Scouting.  Today we make youth development programs safer for everyone - because Scouting has learned from our experiences. 

In fact Scouting today is generally regarded as having implemented Best Practices in Youth Protection as evidenced by these testimonials.

"The Boy Scouts of America is one group advocates say has gone farthest to institute such measures to safeguard kids."   - MSNBC, November 2011

"The Scouts' current prevention policies are considered state of the art...

Several independent child-protection experts told The Associated Press that the Scouts-though buffeted in the past by many abuse-related lawsuits-are now considered a leader in combating sexual abuse."

"The Boy Scouts have the most advanced policies and training," said Victor Vieth, a former prosecutor who heads the National Child Protection Training Center in Minnesota. - Associated Press, January 2012

As a reminder, here is a summary of Scouting's Five Point Youth Protection Plan.

1. Education
• Regular articles in Scouting Magazine and Boys' Life
• Parents "Guide to Child Abuse and Drug Abuse"
• Review with an adult is part of the joining requirements for Cub and Boy Scouting
• Youth protection training for volunteers
• Mandatory every 2 years
• "A Time to Tell" award winning video and leaders' guide for families of boys 11-14 years old
• "It Happened to Me" award winning video and leaders' guide for families of boys 6-10 years old

2. Assist chartered partners in strengthening leader selection to prevent offenders entering the BSA
• Criminal background checks & CORI checks in MA
• Reference checks

3. Creation of barriers to sexual abuse
• Two deep leadership requirement
• Prohibition of one on one activities

4. Encourage Scouts to report improper behavior.  "Yell and Tell".

5.  Swift removal and mandatory reporting of alleged offenders.

 "Youth Protection begins with you." That means each and every one of us shares in this important responsibility. You can learn additional details about our youth protection efforts by visiting the BSA's youth protection website.

As you know, and as the website above describes in greater detail, Scouting has in place mandatory reporting policies concerning abuse. If you have a good-faith suspicion or belief that any child is or has been physically or sexually abused, we ask you notify local authorities and Scout Executive Jeff Hotchkiss at (508) 752-3769 ext. 26

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown greets Cub Scout leader Jeff Jolicoeur after dunking him during a campaign stop at the Oak Street Expo in Shrewsbury last weekend during the annual Spirit of Shrewsbury event.


 The Mohegan Council

s Service Districts:


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With the Scout Prepaid Card, parents will be teaching their Scout how to manage money wisely. This is NOT a credit card, but a prepaid, reloadable card that can be replenished from any bank account. It’s a great way for Scouts to manage their daily spending, and it’s safer and more convenient than carrying cash.

With the Scout Prepaid Card, Scouts will show their support of our iconic organization while learning important lessons of money management. Get your Scout a BSA Discover Prepaid Card today by clicking on the Order Now button at

Also, be on the lookout for more information regarding the new Boy Scouts of America Credit Card. In addition to all of the existing rewards and benefits Discover offers, this card will offer a Scouts Rewards section where cardholders may donate their points to support the program through the Mohegan Council or may purchase Scout Shop products with their points.

This card will be available on November 15, 2012, for anyone to apply, so visit and stay tuned for additional information as this date approaches.

Jeffrey Harris - Quinsigamond District

Greg Jacques - Massasoit District & Hassanamisco District

Alison Specter - Development Director

Jeff Hotchkiss - Scout Executive

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