Vincent E. Tomlinson

Vincent E. Tomlinson
Vincent Tomlinson (1900).

Vincent E. Tomlinson was a Minister of the First Universalist Church. He and Raymond Frost approached the Boy Scouts of America located at 200 5th Avenue, New York City, and in September 1915, the group was chartered as Troop 541.

From the UUUCW website:

By far the longest pastorate was that of Dr. Vincent Eaton Tomlinson, who came immediately after Dr. Gunnison left for St. Lawrence. Dr. Tomlinson served from May 1, 1900, to May 1, 1937, when he was made pastor emeritus. None was more beloved by his congregation and those outside who sought his ministerial services, and none was more respected and honored by clergy and civic associates with whom he worked.2

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2 "History of UUCW" page on the website of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester.


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