Richard Sears

Richard Sears
Richard Sears at Treasure Valley for summer camp (1974).

Richard A. Sears was a Scout in Troop 8, from 1931 to 1937 at Wesley United Methodist Church, the same troop Donald Harris was in as a youth. He was an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 54 from 1965 to 1989.

From comments in the November 2013 edition of The Torch:

He is a generous person, sharing whatever knowledge or financial resources he has with others. He has outfitted many a destitute boy with Scout Uniforms and Equipment. He has received the DISTRICT STATUETTE, AWARD OF MERIT and SILVER BEAVER.

From comments in the June 1985 edition of The Torch:

He has done many service projects at T.V. bulldozed and power shoveled all roads in West Camp. He helped in the construction of the Lodge and Commissary in West Camp. He has been in charge of all Troop 54 Scout Show displays-enabling us to win first place prize honors. He is active on Canoe trips and Summer Camp.

Mr. Sears was awarded the Silver Beaver in 1977. 2

Mr. Sears owned his own construction company. 1

Richard Sears was born December 2,1918, and he died on October 7, 2013, at the age of 94.

1 Mentioned in a 3/28/78 letter from Donald Harris.
2 Program for the Wonderful World of Scouting Recognition Dinner.


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