Wachusett Klondike Derby

Friday, January 24 -
Sunday, January 26, 2014
Nimrod League
Princeton, MA

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Troop 54 traveled to the Nimrod Leqgue of Holden in Princeton, Masschusetts to participate in the Wachusett District Klondike Derby for our second year. Although this was located at an extreme edge of the Nashua Valley Council's territory, it was about the same distance form Epworth as Treasure Valley. This event rotates locations, so the last time they were at Nimrod League was about ten years ago.

We had nine Boy Scouts participating: Kevin Froimson, Gavin MacNeal, Xavier Parker, Matthew Powers-Lavallee, Brett Most, Peter Servatius, Andrew Tran, Jakob Tran and Nathan Tran. Our three leaders were Scoutmaster Joshua Froimson and Assistant Scoutmasters Keith MacNeal and Timothy Froimson. Lisa Nguyen drove both ways.

We had to use a hammer and spikes to make holes in the ice for our tent stakes. The troop cooked its meals standing on snow. One feature of this Klondike is that for 37 years, it has been served lunch by Athol Orange Elks Lodge # 1837, featuring vats of their home made beef stew.

The Klondike event was was comprised of 10 stations, tied to gether with a pirate theme. In four of the events, our Racoon Patrol earned an ice block with a coded message frozen inside. At the Fire Buiding station, the goal was to light a fire (no matches) and recover the messages from the ice blocks. THen, at the Frozen Decoder station, the patrol had to decipher the combined message. Each patrol got a different Baden Powell quote.

The stations ran into overtime, so they had to cancel the main sled race. There were 15 patrols competing. With overnight lows below 10°F, only four troops camped out the second night. At closing, the troop earned several ribbons:

Pirate Navigation (Compass Course) - 2nd Place
Walk the Plank (Team Building) - 2nd Place
Stranded Island Skills (Lashing) - 3rd Place
Scallywag Warmup (Fire Building) - 2nd Place
Frozen Decoder (Communications) - 3rd Place
Ship-shape Labyrinth (Navigation) - 2nd Place
Overall - 5th Place

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