Klondike Derby

Friday, January 28 -
Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Troop 54 once again camped out before the Klondike Derby. With several recent storms, there was PLENTY of snow on the ground this year. Our camp site (Madore), which was largely undisturbed before our arrival, had about two feet of accumulation. The camping area was about 100 yards away from the cars, so we dragged our stuff in on sleds. Breakfast was cooked in the camp site; several variants on breakfast sandwich were the most common meal. The temperature dropped to about 12F overnight.

Participation was excellent with 21 Scouts, 1 sibling and 4 leaders camping overnight and 24 Scouts participating in the Klondike Derby event.

We ran a Klondike sled obstacle course as our station again this year. Our station doubled as the lunch spot for our troop.


Photos by Joshua Froimson.

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