MassJam '08

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Saturday, October 11 -
Monday, October 13, 2008
Barnstable County Fairgrounds
North Falmouth, MA

MassJam '08 is a multi-council event at which thousands of Scouts from around our region are expected. With nine "Action Centers", evening programs and two nights of camping, this should be lots of fun!

This event requires careful planning. Some of the key items we need to cover:

  • Cars have 10 minutes to unload and must be parked approximately 2 miles away. Our camp site may be up to 1/2 mile from the drop-off location.
  • We need to bring food to prepare for the whole weekend.
  • We need to provide for proper sanitization of cookware.

Registration is $20 per attendee. The troop needs to pay for the number of attendees we plan to send by September 15, so troop members will need to pay the troop by September 12. We may have an additional charge for transportation and food.

Event Info / Permission Slip

Medical Forms are required for each participant:

Particiants under age 40 complete Medical Form Class 1:
Particiants age 40 and older complete Medical Form Class 3:
Medical forms from 2008 Summer Camp are acceptable as well.

For complete details, see the Leader Guide on the MassJam '08 website.


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