Gaming Overnight


Friday, February 19 -
Saturday, February 20, 2010
Immaculate Conception Church

Our Gaming Overnight event is an overnight in the church quot;Coffee Shop", focused around games of all sorts. Cooking, for those who do not eat dinner before arrival, will be done by patrols in the Coffee Shop kitchen.

Video Games:

  • E and E-10 ratings allowed.
  • T ratings allowed only with parental permission.
  • M ratings not permitted.


  • G and PG ratings allowed.
  • PG-13 ratings allowed only with parental permission.
  • R, NC-17 or higher ratings not allowed.

Other Games:

  • Board games, cards, role playing games, etc. are encouraged.

Movies and video games outside the ratings allowed or deemed otherwise inappropriate at a Scouting event will be held by the adult leaders and returned to the Scout at the end of the event.


  • Patrol method cooking using the kitchen is encouraged (no camp stoves). Make your- own pizzas?
  • Breakfast should be cooked in-house, cleaned up by 9 AM.
  • Each scout will be assigned something to bring by patrol leader.

Permission Slip


6:00 PM Fri   Earliest arrival.
9:00 AM Sat   Latest departure.

Adults staying overnight must have a current CORI on file with the Mohegan Council. This form is needed by February 7.


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