Campout at Camp Split Rock


Saturday, June 7 -
Sunday, June 8, 2008
Camp Split Rock
Ashburnham, MA

This campout will be a backpacking trip and Webelos invitational. The Boy Scouts will backpack in, starting on the Midstate Trail. This hike is expected to be 4-5 miles. The Webelos will drive to the site, which is a tent site at Nashua Valley Countil's Camp Split Rock. The specific site will be assigned when we arrive.

Boy Scout Plan for Saturday:

  • Meet at the church at 9 AM.
  • Carpool to a parking area on the Midstate Trail, on Route 12, north of Route 2.
  • Hike the Midstate Trail north.
  • Lunch
  • Work our way west to Camp Split Rock.

Boy Scout Plan for Sunday:

  • Break camp and leave Camp Split Rock by 10:00 AM.
  • Hike out from Camp Split Rock, following a similar route, to the cars.
  • Drive back to ICC, arriving approximately 2:00 PM.

Webelos Plan for Saturday:

  • Arrive at Camp Split Rock between 3-4 PM.

Webelos Plan for Sunday:

  • Break camp and leave Camp Split Rock by 10:00 AM.

Event Info / Permission Slip - Troop 54 members need to complete this.

Boy Scouts: Pack light - "Every ounce counts!"

See cooking tips on our Camping page. Use our Backwoods Camping List to make sure you don't forget anything.

See directions on our Camp Split Rock page.

Planning status:

Tour permit - Done
Camp reservation - Done
Fire Permit - Not Required


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