Personal Camping Gear

The purpose of this page is to provide personal gear suggestions for Boy Scouts in Troop 54. Other groups may have different resources that call for different guidance.

Packing List

Backwoods Camping List - This Troop 54 list for backwoods camping is our adaptation of the list in the Scout Handbook, provided in the form of a one-page checklist (PDF format). The same list can be used for a car camping trip. Each item should be crossed off if not needed (e.g., swimsuit in December) or checked off when packed. The Scout is the one who should pack the gear and check off the list, not the parent.

Gear Details

For your Boy Scout gear shopping, you only need to look at the "Personal Camping Gear" section of the list. Even there, many are things your Scout won't need for a given trip. Some suggested details on the gear:

In most cases, there is no need for the swimsuit, backpack, pocket knife, camp chair, or most of the other optional extras on an initial trip.

Page updated 8/15/17
J. Froimson

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