Backpacking Green Mountain
Troop 54 Scouts take a break on the trail in the Green Mountains (August 2010).

The initial registration fee for new or transferring Scouts is based on the month joining. New members will pay the period dues that occur after the month joined.

Troop dues for continuing members are $65/year. These include the annual registration fee and Boy's Life subscription. Dues can be paid in one payment or in periods (including a conventience adder):

$65 January 15 Pay On-line
January 15
April 15
September 15
Pay On-line
Pay On-line
Pay On-line

See our Dues & Uniform Purchase document for details.

You can pay dues in person (cash, check, credit card or Android Pay accepted) or online via the links above.

You will need to purchase uniform items and a handbook.

Other costs depend on which activities you participate in. Typical costs:


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