WolfTalk / Split Rock Cabin Camping Trip

Saturday, January 2 -
Sunday, January 3, 2010
Ashburnham, MA and
Gardner, MA

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On Saturday, January 2, with snow falling and inches already on the ground, we hit the road for Camp Split Rock in Ashburnham, MA. This was our second time visiting the camp, but our first time driving there (last time, we backpacked in). The fifteen Scouts and six leaders were ready for a weekend of fun in the snow.

We hauled our gear from the cars and started with some set-up at the Magee Cabin. This cabin did not provide for cooking indoors, so we put a tarp over a picnic table to make the main cooking area, with four liquid gas stoves. Then, we headed to WolfTalk in Gardner, MA.

The WolfTalk program started with our host, Mike LeBlanc, explaining the social workings of a wolf den as we watched his wolf den. We hiked through the woods with his youngest and somewhat socialized wolf to a small clearing. Mr. LeBlanc brought the wolf around to each of us so we could see and feel him. At this point, the snow picked up, so that we were not only sitting in the snow put covered with it as well. After hiking back, we got to see feeding time at the den. Lastly, we were invited into the LeBlancs' house for hot chocolate and snacks arround a nice, hot wood stove.

After WolfTalk, we headed back to the camp for an evening of outdoor cooking in a light snow. The Bulldog patrol cooked Ranch Chicken over charcoal in foil packets, the Duct Tape patrol heated chicken soup and hot dogs, and the Blue Beaver patrol cooked grilled cheese sandwiches and ham steaks. For the leaders, ASM MacNeal prepared a serious jambalaya, cornbread and brownies.

Sunday, we cooked breakfast and did our best to leave the cabin at least as clean as we found it.


Photos by Joshua Froimson

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