Backpacking Trip

August 16-17, 2008
Leominster State Forest

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This trip covered another section of the Midstate Trail. As far as the backpacking went, the first day provided our longest single day of hiking recently with 6.85 miles of backpacking. The second day was nearly 4 miles. In addition, we did a service project for about 1-1/2 hours, maintaining a section of trail. For this, we packed in a number of tools, such as clippers and axes. The weather was pretty good. Although temperatures were warmer than in April, we really benefitted from the shade of the complete tree cover this time of year. This trip also provided one of our earliest outdoor adventures in recent years. Take a look at our actual trail as recorded by ASM Keith MacNeal's GPS:

PDF file - GPX file uploaded into TOPO! mapping software
GPX file

One distinctive feature of the trail this time of year was a tremendous variety of mushrooms and other interesting growth along the trail. We tried to photograph some of this to give an idea of the variety, but it was pretty frequently that one of the boys would stop and say "Look at that one". Meals were simple and light.

About the only overpacking was seen in excess tent capacity and still too many stoves.

All-in-all, the seven Scouts and five leaders who participated found the trip worth the effort.

Photos by: Joshua Froimson

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