Backpacking Trip

April 19-21, 2008
Mt Wachusett / Boyle's Brook


This backpacking trip was a step up in difficulty, compared with last month's trip. The weather was perfect, with no precipitation. We hiked up and over Mt. Wachusett the first day, with a total distance of about 5 miles. The second day, most of the campers went on a day hike, climbing Little Mt. Wachusett and covering other parts of the area in a hike totaling around 10 miles. The return hike was shorter and more level, with a total distance of about 3 miles.

The campout featured several home-made and alternative stoves. ASM Brian Keevan alone brought three of his own home-made stoves, bringing the count to six stoves for the eight overnight participants. Most were ethanol burning stoves; all of these performed acceptably in the moderate temperatures (40 - 80 °F). The Esbit stove performed the most questionably, using 2-3 tablets to cook a meal and doing it slowly. The more standard MSR Whisperlite performed the most robustly, boiling a few cups of water in 2-3 minutes, however, its hardware did weigh and cost more.

We retired a flag on the first night and conducted a Scouts Own service on Sunday.

Photos by: Joshua Froimson

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