Webelos Scout Uniform

The Webelos Scout uniform is worn by the Webelos Den (fourth grade boys) and the Arrow of Light Den (fifth grade boys).

Webelos Book
Webelos Hat
Blue Shirt:
Cub Shirt (Blue)
Webelos Belt Buckle:
Webelos Belt Buckle
Khaki Shirt (alternate):
Poly/cotton or Microfiber
short sleeve recommended
Scout Shirt (khaki)
Olive Belt (alternate - optional with Khaki shirt):
Scout belt (khaki)
Webelos neckerchief
Neckerchief slide:
Webelos neckerchief slide
Shoulder Loop:
(for tan shirt only)
Blue shoulder loop
Council Strip Patch
Pack 54 numerals or Pack 54 numerals
Webelos Colors:
Webelos Colors

Note: The Khaki uniform is what you will wear in Boy Scouts, so you should get this uniform if you are joining Cub Scouts starting with Webelos. The "belt loops" awarded to Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts fit onto the blue belt, not onto the green belt. The white on red numerals go on the blue shirt; the green on tan numerals go on the khaki shirt.

What you need to buy for a boy transitioning from Bear to Webelos (has a blue uniform shirt and blue belt that fit):

  1. Webelos Book
  2. Webelos Cap
  3. Webelos Neckerchief
  4. Webelos Neckerchief Slide
  5. Webelos Belt Buckle
  6. Webelos Colors

What you need to buy for a boy joining as a Webelos Scout or Arrow of Light Scout:

  1. Webelos Book
  2. Uniform Shirt - tan (poly/cotton or microfiber)
  3. Webelos Cap
  4. Web Belt w/ Buckle - olive
  5. Webelos Neckerchief
  6. Webelos Neckerchief Slide
  7. "Mohegan Council" patch
  8. Unit Numerals "5" and "4" patches - green on tan
  9. Blue shoulder loops (2)
  10. Webelos Colors

Other items are either optional or are provided by the pack as awards.

Refer to the Webelos Scout uniform inspection sheet for patch placement on the uniform.

There are several places where you can buy these items.

Pack 54 does not use den number patches.

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