2016 Popcorn Sale

Pecatonica Popcron Time

Selling popcorn gives our Scouts a chance to earn part of their way to Scouting events, and it helps to fund Mohegan Council's operations, which supports us in delivering the program. This year's sale features some great prizes and incentives. Each Scout can apply 15% of his sales toward summer camp (or other calendar year 2016 pack events).

Learning to knock on a door, look someone in the eye, and ask him/her to support Scouting is a great way to build a Scout's confidence.

Product Lineup


Bonus Prizes

Get your order sheet and envelope from Joshua Froimson, our Popcorn Kernel.

Key Dates

October 27 (Thursday) - Last day to submit your order to the Popcorn Kernel
November 12 (Saturday) - Popcorm is available for delivery.
December 1 (Thursday) - Last day to submit money for popcorn to the Popcorn Kernel.

Questions and Answers

Question: Who does the check get made out to?
Answer: Make checks payable to "Cub Scout Pack 54". We'll write one big check to the Mohegan Council at the end.

Question: When do we collect the money?
Answer: The usual time is when you deliver the popcorn. If the customer wants, he can pay when he places the order. Be sure to mark the last column (PD) with an X when the customer pays. Don't leave the popcorn with the customer if he is not paid up.

Question: Does it matter whether they pay by check or cash?
Answer: Either is fine.

Question: The price of Classic Trio is printed $30 in some places and $35 in one place. Which is it?
Answer: The correct price for this is $30.


  • Bring an envelope for the money.
  • Bring some singles with you so you can make change.
  • Have your Cub Scout wear his uniform.


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