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Meeting Resources

Whether you are the Cubmaster planning the next pack meeting or a Den Leader planning your next den meeting - relax! The Boy Scouts of America has it all worked out for you. The program was revamped in May 2015, providing a simpler and more consistent path to advancement. The Cub Scout handbooks and den leader guides are new. The Pack loans each den one of each book. - Den meeting plans for the first adventures for each den are available on this site. Just go to the Learning Library section for these. Den meeting plans for some of the other adventures are posted below.

Generally, each den (Tiger through Arrow of Light) will meet 4 times a month:

Please consult the pack Committee Chair for additional den meeting resources.

Badge Requirements

Tiger Badge
Wolf Badge
Bear Badge
Webelos Badge
Arrow of Light Badge

Badge requirements are also listed in the den meeting plans.

Advancement Requirement Changes (Fall 2016)

Pack Meeting Plans

Pack Meeting Plans

Lion Program

The Lion program from the BSA provides materials for about two meetings per month during the school year. Even at that rate, the material is pretty light (might be done early in many meetings). If your Lion den will be meeting every week, you need more activities to complete the nights and to do during the nights in between the program nights. For this, you can use the following collection of activities:

Lion Scout Activities (on Boy Scout Trail)

Catching Up

Notes to parents catching up for missed meetings:


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