Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby

March 5, 2016
6:30 - 9:00 PM
Immanuel Lutheran Church

For our second year, Pack 54 is joining two other packs in a Pinewood Derby event: Pack 151 and 175. This is the event in which each participant races a small car down a track.

Before the event, you need to build your car. Purchase your car kit where they sell Scout Stuff. Except for cutting, each Scout should build his own car. Each car must be made to the included specifications. The 3/8" bottom clearance is required to avoid damaging the track. Recess any weights you mount on the car bottom. See our Pinewood Derby Rules for details.

The Pack will have a Car Construction Day on February 25. Scouts will mark up their blocks of wood (from the purchased kit) to show where cuts should be made, and adults will cut them on a scroll saw.

Each scout should wear his uniform, as at any Scouting event.

Pre-event Weigh-in - Friday March 4

  • Tigers and Wolves bring your cars to Immanuel Lutheran Church at 6:00 PM.
  • Bears and Webelos (including AOL den) bring your cars to Immanuel Lutheran Church at 7:00 PM.
  • Bring the cars to the weigh-in without the wheels attached (to avoid damage during any weight adjustment), but bring those pieces. The car body, wheels and nails will be weighed together.
  • Cars may not weigh over 5 ounces on the official scale. Cars over the weight limit can have material drilled out of the bottom to reduce their weight.
  • Cars under 5 ounces may be adjusted upwards by the Scout or the race officials.
  • If you can't be there on March 4, you can leave your car at Epworth on March 3. If you do this, let us know whether you want weight added to your car and whether you want us to add the wheels after the car's weight is correct.
  • Any car not left in "impound" after the weigh-in or not brought in for the weigh-in will be weighed at the beginning of the race. At that point, however, no weight adjustment will be possible.

Generally, this race will be run as follows

  • The track has 4 lanes. For each heat, a set of 4 cars will race four times, rotating to each of the four lanes. If the track timer is working, each Scout will have his exact times totaled. If not, the last 2 cars in each race each get a check mark, and cars with 2 check marks get dropped following the heat.
  • Initially, races will be by year: All of the Tigers from all three packs will race against each other until their top places are determined. The same goes for Wolves, Bears and Webelos. These places will be announced, but there are no awards for them.
  • Then, the top placing cars from each of the years will race all together in the same fashion. At the end, each pack will have an overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winner, one from each den. These will get trophies (identical for all three packs).

Registration - Pay $5 per Scout (checks payable to Cub Scout Pack 54) before the event.No fee to participate.

Immanuel Lutheran Church, the home of Pack 175, is located at:

346 Shrewsbury Street
Holden, MA 01520


5:30-6:30 - Track set-up
6:00-6:30 - Presentation on Summer Camps
6:30-9:00 - Races

Other notes:

  • Due to a basketball game in the same space earlier this day, track set-up has to be done just before the races.
  • Side activities will be provided to keep the Scouts busy and entertained. We will need a few volunteers to help run these, and we will need to provide some snack items.
  • There are separate parking areas in front of the church and to the right of the church (as viewed from the street). If the front lot is full, just go to the other lot.
Pinewood Derby Car

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