Museum of Science Overnight

April 25-26, 2014
Boston, MA

Museum of Science

Pack 54 heads to the Museum of Science in Boston for an overnight adventure. This event is organized by the Daniel Webster Council Boy Scouts of America.

Overnight information:

Overnight Program Survival Manual
What's for Dinner
Overnight Program Chaperone Guide
Overnight Schedule
Overnight Web Page


  • Permission Slip - Each participating Scout must submit this to the Cubmaster by March 14.
  • CORI - Adults staying overnight must have submitted CORI to the Mohegan Council within the last year. If you need this, please submit it to the Cubmaster by April 17.
  • Annual Health and Medical Record - Each participant must have submitted this record within the previous year and no later than April 17. This trip requires only Parts A and B (pages 2 and 3), including copy of insurance card (both sides). A medical exam is not required.
  • Registration fee: $55 per person (youth and adults) - due to Pack 54 by April 10

Travel there

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