Pack 54 Dens

Which Den

Cub Scouts are generally organized by school grade level.

Craftsman Activity Badge
Cub Scouts working on their Craftsman Activity Badge during a den meeting.
Den School Grade
Lion Patch Lion Kindergarten
Tiger Patch Tiger First Grade
Wolf Patch Wolf Second Grade
Bear Patch Bear Third Grade
Webelos Patch Webelos Fourth Grade
Arrow of Light Patch Arrow of Light Fifth Grade

Annual Transitions

The folowing transitions are expected to take place each June:

An Arrow of Light Scout "crosses over" to Boy Scouts. For a boy who has earned his Arrow of Light Badge, this is expected to take place in March, provided the boy is at least 10½ years old. A boy can also cross over to Boy Scouts any time after he is 11 years old . Otherwise, this transition takes place after the grade 5 school year ends (in June).

Webelos or Arrow of Light

The Scouts in 4th grade and 5th grade are called "Webelos Scouts".

The 4th grade den is called the "Webelos Den".

The 5th grade den is called the "Arrow of Light Den".


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