Blue Cards

Getting Started

Obtain a blank blue card from the Scoutmaster.

Before beginning work on any merit badge, a Scout must first complete the following portions of a blue card in ink:

If the merit badge is to be earned by meeting individually with a merit badge counselor (not by attending a merit badge university or at camp), the Scout should find a buddy who wants to earn the same merit badge. If the Scouts don't already know who the merit badge Counselor is for that particular merit badge, the Scoutmaster needs to help them find a registered counselor.

The Scoutmaster signs and dates the "Application For Merit Badge" section of the blue card.

The scouts then contact the merit badge counselor, and arrange a time for meeting with him/her.

Completing the Badge

At the first meeting, the scout turns over the blue card to the counselor to keep track of until the merit badge is completed.

Three people must be present at all meetings with the merit badge counselor.

At the end of summer camp or a merit badge university, a partially completed blue card is returned to the Scout. To earn the merit badge, the Scout must complete the remaining requirements and then either find another merit badge counselor or bring the completed work and blue card to a later week of camp or to the next year's summer camp.

When the final requirement of the merit badge is completed, the merit badge counselor fills in the rest of the blanks on the blue card, except for the remaining unit leader signature. The date of completion is the date it is earned. This is the date recorded on all records of the Scout and the date that will appear on the advancement order form and the final Merit Badge Card.

The merit badge counselor keeps the "Counselor's Record" portion of the merit badge card and gives back the other two thirds to the Scout. The Scout turns the reaminder of the card in to the Scoutmaster.

The Scoutmaster signs the "Applicant's Record" section of the Blue Card. The unit returns this portion of the blue card for the Scout's records. The last part of the blue card is handed to the Advancement Chairman (or the Committee Chair), who records it in his records, orders the merit badge and Merit Badge Card, and keeps the "Application For Merit Badge" section of the blue card for the troop's records. The unit presents the merit badge and card to the Scout at a Court of Honor.

Retaining Records

A Scout must keep his work until the merit badge counselor signs his blue card as complete.

The Merit Badge Counselor, the Troop Advancement Chairman, and the Scout must hold on to these cards for 7 years, or until the Scout makes Eagle. If anything should ever happen to the official records of the Scout, the blue cards will serve as proof of earning the merit badge towards the Eagle rank. Each Scout is advised to keep his blue cards separate from his Merit Badge cards. That way if one is lost, the Scout will still have the other.

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